July 25th

Silver Bell Jazz Band

 at The starline social club!


The Silver Bell Jazz Band represents authentic jazz with a beautiful blend of jazz roots that moves the soul. With international Lindy Hop instructor Ryan Calloway leading the band, they play with a special focus towards dancers. Ryan arranges and brings together musicians from all over the bay and with a rotating cast of jazz musicians, you're sure to get a fresh, breathtaking experience each and every time, just like in the early jazz sessions.

The Silver Bell Jazz Band plays tunes in the style of King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton, and the Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band and features the following lineup of musicians:

Riley Baker - tuba

Bill Reinhart - banjo

Steve Apple - drums

Ryan Calloway - clarinet, bandleader

Sam Rocha - cornet

Clint Baker - trombone

Check out their facebook page.