Level 1: 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 2: 7:00 - 8:00 pm

May Series

Every Tuesday of May: 2, 9 ,16, 23, 30.

IMPORTANT: On May 16th and May 23rd, we will be at Lake Merritt Dance Center.


Level 1 : Beginning Charleston

In this class, we’ll introduce you to classic steps, rhythms and movement that make up the building blocks of Charleston.  We’ll show you how easy it is to stitch together these concepts in any number of ways, the fundamentals of leading and following Charleston, and how to meet every partner somewhere in middle.

Level 2: The Creative Process (Lindy Hop)

Every week in this level II class, we’ll start with some recognizable classic swing pattern(s).  We’ll then show you how to deconstruct it, change out parts, embellish pieces, and add surprising twists and turns.  We’ll introduce you to a series of tools that can be applied in just about every situation.  We hope you’ll walk away from this class with a new perspective on just how limitless the dance can be.

Every 3rd Friday of the month is going to be The Breakaway's regular Open Practice session. Next date: May 19th 2017.  Don't forget it's FREE for ALL students and it's at Bellevue Club in Oakland. More info here

Our Instructors

Megan Mubaraki & Gary Sharpe

Megan first discovered swing dancing purely by accident as a student at UC Berkeley. Megan eventually came to facilitate the student-led course called SwingCal, and choreograph for performance troupes including The Movement and Sproul Stompers. Over the past four years, she has taught, DJ'd, emcee'd, choreographed, and organized for a variety of groups on and around the Berkeley campus, and since graduating from Berkeley she has helped found The Breakaway as the President. More than anything, Megan loves dances that makes her and her partner laugh!
Gary started swing dancing in 2002 in a small bar in Davis, California. Though Gary insists that he had no natural talent for swing, he loved everything about the dance and spent countless hours watching videos, practicing, taking lessons, and travelling to weekend events around the country. Fifteen years later, Gary loves to train, to teach and share everything about the dance with anyone who will listen - and he still loves to take lessons.