What is an Open House?

An Open House is an opportunity to share what we love most with everybody. We'll be hosting a FREE evening of dancing with an amazing live band (we'll keep you in suspense, but the name starts with "R") and FREE elective classes. More info to come about the topics that Lori Taniguchi and Douglas Mathews will teach but they’re sure to be amazing!

This Open House is a great opportunity to invite family members, friends, co-workers, dates, classmates, friends of friends and all that jazz. We all know people who are curious about the swing dancing we do every Tuesday. This is an opportunity to introduce our hobby to them in a setting that is important in swing dancing: live band night!

Starline Social Club is a bar and restaurant that offers delicious drinks and scrumptious meals/bites. Maybe come earlier and treat your tastebuds to some squid and avocado? Or grab a drink during the evening? This is a great time to splurge and try out Starline’s inestimable comestibles since the dancing and classes are on us tonight!

A free amazing live band night... really?

Yes! It's our way to show our appreciation for all of you. We've been in business for almost 1 1/2 years! We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our heart and we want to help everybody to share their love for swing dancing. Join the party!

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New to swing dancing?

Here's what you need to know:
- You don't need a partner
- You can lead or follow, no role assigned according to gender
- Preferably bring non-sticky shoes
- Summer nights are warmer, having a shirt to change might be a good idea.

More questions? Check out our easy-to-navigate FAQ or drop us a line at info@breakawayswing.com