Parking Lot Starline Social Club


Starline Social Club

2236 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94612


You can find free parking next to venue along Martin Luther King Jr. Way!

The Breakaway is a short 10 min. walk from 19th St. Oakland BART via Grand Ave.


Right smack in the middle of two historical jazz neighborhoods, Starline Social Club is a historical venue built in the late 19th century.

On the western side of Oakland, called the “The Harlem of the West”, talented musicians from all over the U.S. performed on the renowned 7th Street strip.

On the other side sat Sweet's Ballroom, a beloved landmark that housed thousands of dancers every week. Count Basie, Billie Holiday, and Ray Charles all came here and left an important mark that once shaped Oakland but is almost forgotten.

Today, it is only fitting that the community’s love for Lindy Hop has brought the swinging tunes back to this vintage venue once again, allowing us to relive the Golden Age of the Oakland Jazz scene.

The Starline Social Club features a professional grade concert venue upstairs and an outstanding bar downstairs. Just take a look at their menu.


If you're walking to and from BART at night, we recommend that you travel in groups.

If you're driving, please remember not to leave any valuables in your vehicle.