April: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
at Lake Merrit Dance

Note: Class times have changed for 2019.

Level 1: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 2: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 3: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Balboa: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Swing Dance Series

Level 1 : Leap into 8-Count!

This series will teach a foundational introduction to 8-count lindy hop. Whether you’re brand new to swing dancing, are familiar with other styles, or want to refine your basics, this class will have you up and having fun on the dance floor in no time!  
Time: 8-9pm

Level 2: Lindy Hop - Creative Classics

Learn some tips, tricks and tools we use to embellish, re-imagine, and build on classic Lindy Hop movement!
Time: 8-9pm

Level 3: Sugar Pushes & Swingouts

This class will cover variations on fundamental patterns for Sugar Pushes and Swingouts, emphasizing momentum, connection, communication and style.
Time: 7-8pm

Beginner Balboa (Everyone Leads Everyone Follows)

Balboa, a swing dance that started in the 30's in Southern California, is known for its close connection, intricate footwork, and fun turns and twists.  In addition, it is one of the dances that is most similar for leaders and follows at the beginner level. We will be diving into balboa mechanics and posture, teaching you about how to move and control your body in both the leader and follow roles. In this class, everyone will learn to lead and follow balboa, focusing on the body control and technique that will set you up to be an excellent balboa dancer and an excellent dancer in all other dances as well. The class will cover downhold and uphold basics, out and ins, and lollies, but consistently go back to body control and posture as you learn how to have a clear and relaxed connection with your partner from either role.  Whether you're interested in balboa or just want a better understanding of how to move and connect in partner dancing, everyone leads everyone follows (ELEF) balboa will put you more in touch with your own movement and make you a better dancer!
Time: 7-8pm

Swing Series Instructors

Level 1

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Faye Romero and Nathaniel Homan

Faye is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Biology. She was introduced to lindy hop one sunny summer day on Sproul Plaza 3 years ago, and since then, has come to help run Lindy on Sproul and the Berkeley Lindy Exchange, choreograph teams, and social dance the nights away. This is her first series at the Breakaway, and she couldn’t be more grateful and excited to help out!

Nathaniel has been swinging out for almost 7 years. Before he was a dancer, he developed a love for swing music while playing trumpet and trombone in his high school jazz band. He began dancing lindy hop in San Luis Obispo with the Cal Poly Swing Dance Club, and helped to organize and run the San Luis Obispo Lindy Exchange for 4 years.  Nate's favorite dances are conversations between partners, and he loves to express his humor and goofiness through his dancing. When not dancing, Nate enjoys reading, backpacking, and painting models.

Level 2 & 3

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Beverly Harris & Gary Sharpe

Beverly Harris started swing dancing in 2015 at the local weekly dance venue in Sacramento, California. She was intrigued by this energetic dance open to so many variations and needed to learn all she could about it. She joined teams and got together with other dancers to watch dance videos any time she could. She quickly fell in love with the dance and this amazing community. She is excited to share and  continue to grow her love for this dance.

Gary Sharpe started swing dancing in 2002 in a small bar in Davis, California. He was tall, lanky, very awkward and not the least bit talented or trained.  For at least the first year or two, he could only dance a few songs in a row before getting dizzy and nauseous enough that he would have to sit down for several minutes to recover. He loved everything about the dance, though, and spent countless hours watching videos, practicing, taking lessons, and travelling to weekend events around the country.  Fifteen years later, he still loves to take lessons, to train, to teach, to DJ and to share everything about the dance with anyone who will listen.


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Douglas Mathews has been dancing swing for over 10 years, and fell in love with Balboa as soon as he was introduced.  The subtle rhythms and connection of pure bal, and the turning stretchy feeling of bal swing became his focus in dancing.  Since then he has competed across the country winning awards at ABW, Cal Bal, ILHC, Camp Hollywood and others. He has been teaching Lindy and Balboa in the SF Bay Area since 2013, and loves to share the joy and connection of the bal dances with anyone who will listen.



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