December: 4, 11, 18
at Lake Merrit Dance

Note: December classes are all drop-in friendly! See below for descriptions. You can purchase them as a 3-week series or sign-up at the door for $15.

Level 1: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 2: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Level 3: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Swing Dance Series

Level 1 : Spice it up for the Holidays

12/04: Crosshand Moves - Learn some moves in a spicy hand connection!
12/11: 20s Charleston - Explore a spicy alternative Charleston style!
12/18: Taking it in a New Direction - Spice up some of your existing moves by changing up their directions!
Time: 8-9pm

Level 2: Getting in Shape

12/04: Lines - Travel up and down lines with your partner!
12/11: Circles - Dance circles around each other with some nuanced fundamentals!
12/18: Rhythms - Play with the shape of the song by taking familiar moves and putting them to a new beat! 
Time: 7-8pm

Level 3: Charleston, Connection, and Eagle Slidin’

12/04: Advanced Charleston (Partnered): Charleston is a great way to improve your fast dancing, balance, and connection. We'll explore different shapes and feelings you can create with Charleston by learning some new moves and connections. Note that prior experience with tandem Charleston is recommended.
12/11: Weird Connections - Ever find yourself in a funky situation - perhaps you're holding hands left to left, or connected on the opposite side in closed? We'll explore different ways to get into and out of funky connections, and a few things you can do in between!
12/18: Eagle Slidin' through your Lindy Hop - The eagle slide is a fun and exciting classic solo jazz move. In this class, we'll use the eagle slide as a case study to learn how to incorporate different movements throughout our entire dance. We'll examine it closely, and investigate the many places it fits into partnered lindy hop.
Time: 8-9pm

Swing Series Instructors

Level 1 & 2

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Anna Papitto & Catherine Hwang

Anna Papitto dreamed of dancing since her early childhood but never had access to dance classes. In her last semester of college, she stumbled upon Lindy on Sproul after hearing how addictive it was from a couple friends. Since then people have started wondering where she spends all her free time - and she is always ready to invite them to try Lindy out! Anna loves Lindy's ability to connect so many individuals and let them express the joy and emotions in historic and beautiful swing music. She hopes that the joy of Lindy will become more accessible to people from more walks of life, and is proud that the Breakaway has been making steps in that direction right here in the East Bay!

Catherine Hwang started swing dancing at UC Berkeley in 2011 and helped found the Sproul Stompers, a UC Berkeley lindy hop performance group. She loves to share the joy of lindy hop with the world, whether it be through teaching, DJing, or just plain social dancing!



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Rachel Phillips & Kendall Lui

Rachel Phillips started dancing in Berkeley. She loves to go social dancing, to travel and dance, to DJ, and to choreograph. Rachel’s favorite part of swing dancing is that there’s always something new to explore! Recently, she’s discovered a love for solo jazz movement and rhythms. She also loves to talk about swing music!

Kendall Lui is a dancer from Davis but goes to every Bay Area dance he can. Dancing did not come naturally for Kendall and he remembers doing the 6 count basic for an entire song off tempo. Since then, he now teaches regularly and choreographs for the Tranky Moo performance team. A social dancer at heart, Kendall loves the improvisational aspect of Lindy Hop and the unique voices that of each of people with whom he dances.



Every 3rd Friday of the month is The Breakaway's regular Open Practice session. 

It's FREE for ALL students! 

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