February: 5, 12, 19, 26
at Lake Merrit Dance

Note: Class times have changed for 2019.

Level 1: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 2: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 3: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Swing Dance Series

Level 1 : Set a Crash Course for Charleston!

Swinging Charleston (also known as 30s/40s Charleston or Lindy Charleston) is a fun, high energy swing dance that can be danced comfortably to medium and fast tempos. This series will cover Swinging Charleston basics, footwork patterns, and classic moves; including jockey position, hand-to-hand, crossovers, and more. While no experience with Charleston or any other swing dances is necessary, dancers looking to refine their fundamentals or learn a new role should find the class rewarding.
Time: 8-9pm

Level 2: Lindy Hop Vocabulary

Join Sam and Calvin this month as they cover some tried and true classic lindy hop moves. Come learn how to pull off these well-recognized patterns and see just why these historic moves have been hallmarks of the dance. From the Minnie Dip to the Texas Tommy, we'll cover a variety of new vocabulary to add to your dance repertoire!
Time: 8-9pm

Level 3: Zen and the Art of Lindy Hop

What can thousands of years of martial arts principles do for your Lindy Hop? Reaching a higher level takes more than just knowing fancy moves. It requires an intimate conversation of call and response by both leads and follows. Clarity of connection by eliminating the variables is the Zen of Lindy Hop.  Michelle and Chad will show you the art of fluid, graceful, and effortless dancing by using momentum and applying the power of martial arts. They will detail the intricacies of frame, what it feels like and how to amplify physical communication between you and your partner!
Time: 7-8pm

Swing Series Instructors

Level 1

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Faye Romero & Nate Homan

Faye is a junior at UC Berkeley studying Environmental Biology. She was introduced to lindy hop one sunny summer day on Sproul Plaza 3 years ago, and since then, has come to help run Lindy on Sproul and the Berkeley Lindy Exchange, choreograph teams, and social dance the nights away. This is her first series at the Breakaway, and she couldn’t be more grateful and excited to help out!

Nate has been swinging out for almost 7 years. Before he was a dancer, he developed a love for swing music while playing trumpet and trombone in his high school jazz band. He began dancing lindy hop in San Luis Obispo with the Cal Poly Swing Dance Club, and helped to organize and run the San Luis Obispo Lindy Exchange for 4 years.  Nate's favorite dances are conversations between partners, and he loves to express his humor and goofiness through his dancing. When not dancing, Nate enjoys reading, backpacking, and painting models.



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Samantha Nguyen
& Calvin Lu

Sam and Calvin fell in love with swing dancing at UC Berkeley's Lindy on Sproul and SwingCal, both becoming active members of the swing community by teaching, mentoring, and DJing. Raised in Cal's ambidancetrous community, you'll often find them both leading and following on the social dance floor. Their dancing focuses on playful partnership and lighthearted silliness. Coming from performances with the Sproul Stompers and recent competition experience, Sam and Calvin are excited to share their enthusiasm at the Breakaway.


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Michelle Richter &
Chad Kubo

Michelle has been dancing and studying dance as a discipline for over 25 years. Her background in ballet and modern dance has inspired her to focus on technique combined with creative movement in her teaching style. She has studied the movement of the human body in many forms of dance, including African-Caribbean, Jazz, Contact Improvisation, Salsa, Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Tango, and various Ballroom styles. Michelle also enjoys performing and creating choreography. For the last 16 years, her main focus has been Lindy Hop and Blues dancing. Her teaching focuses on connection, attitude and self-expression, proper body mechanics, and one-on-one attention. As a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Michelle’s extensive knowledge of anatomy/physiology compliments her dance instruction in a unique way.

Michelle teaches classes locally in San Francisco and has taught at national events and workshops of various cities across the U.S.  She has performed and choreographed for multiple dance troupes, wedding parties, and corporate gigs. In addition, she has had the honor of teaching Lindy Hop to youth groups and recovering amputees.

has been dancing Lindy Hop since 1993. Co-founded the Bay Area Lindy Hop scene from its beginnings. Ambassador of Swing in the Bay Area. Co-founded Lindy in the Park (Golden Gate Park San Francisco). Ran the Doghouse (Successful Saturday venue for 9 years). Taught in the U.S. and abroad. Performs, teaches, aerials, stealing, switching, jazz moves, blues, dance choreographer and avid social dancer. Taught for Lionel Hampton, Frankie Manning, Winton Marsalis. 35 years of martial arts, multiple black belts Judo, Aikido, Karate.



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