Lake Merritt Dance, also known as The Veterans’ Memorial Building, has a rich history when it comes to dancing. There was dancing and live music in the building as early as 1927 when it belonged to the County of Alameda!

Displaying a gorgeous ballroom with an amazing dance floor, Lake Merritt Dance is surrounded by parkland, city neighborhoods, and the beautiful Lake Merritt. 

Lake Merritt Dance  has an amazing floor and beautiful Art Deco ballroom, a parking lot, and is close to some public transit options! Come on and dance with us!


Lake Merritt Dance

200 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610



There is a big parking lot and a good amount of street parking in the area! The parking lot is easily accessible near the corner of Montecito Avenue and Bay Place! Enter from the door facing the parking lot. 


If you're walking to and from BART at night, we recommend that you travel in groups.

If you're driving, please remember not to leave any valuables in your vehicle.