November: 6, 13, 20*, 27
at Lake Merrit Dance

*Thanksgiving week: On November 20, we will offer a special drop-in class that IS NOT included in the class series to offer flexibility to students who may be out of town for the holiday.
Sign-up at the door only. $15.

Level 1: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Level 2: Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Level 3: Tuesdays, 8:00 - 9:00 pm

Swing Dance Series

Level 1 : 8-Basics Introduction

This class will cover 8-count footwork and basics of Lindy Hop - like the swing out! You’ll learn about partnered connection, how to hear the beats of the music, and dive into the joy of swing dancing. Suitable for absolute beginners or for those looking to solidify their understandings of 8-count fundamentals! | Time: 8-9pm

Level 2: Meditations on Variations

You have your basics, and you have a few moves to play with. But you want to spice things up. That's where we come in. This month, we'll teach you how to do some cool variations and how to make your own. We'll also teach you how you and your partner can make variations together. | Time: 7-8pm

Level 3: Swing Out Workout

Sure, you know how to do a swingout, but can you swing out? In this class, we'll focus each week on a different aspect of our dancing that helps make swingouts feel comfortable, consistent, and cool. Come humble and ready to work, leave reinvigorated. | Time: 8-9pm

Swing Series Instructors

Level 1 

Teacher Banner  - Beverly Harris & Gary Sharpe

Beverly Harris & Gary Sharpe

Beverly Harris started swing dancing in 2015 at the local weekly dance venue in Sacramento, California. She was intrigued by this energetic dance open to so many variations and needed to learn all she could about it. She joined teams and got together with other dancers to watch dance videos any time she could. She quickly fell in love with the dance and this amazing community. She is excited to share and  continue to grow her love for this dance.

Gary Sharpe started swing dancing in 2002 in a small bar in Davis, California. He was tall, lanky, very awkward and not the least bit talented or trained.  For at least the first year or two, he could only dance a few songs in a row before getting dizzy and nauseous enough that he would have to sit down for several minutes to recover. He loved everything about the dance, though, and spent countless hours watching videos, practicing, taking lessons, and traveling to weekend events around the country.  Fifteen years later, he still loves to take lessons, to train, to teach, to DJ and to share everything about the dance with anyone who will listen.



Teacher Banner - Veronica Ramirez & Isaac Garfinkle

Veronica Ramirez & Isaac Garfinkle

Veronica Ramirez started swing dancing at UC Berkeley in 2012 and threw herself into it with gusto. She loves the trifecta that makes lindy hop such a unique partner dance: you, your partner and the music. She helped found the Sproul Stompers, a UC Berkeley lindy hop performance group, and has been teaching both at her old stomping grounds and around the Bay Area since she graduated in 2015.

Isaac Garfinkle is a Lindy Hop and Jazz dancer based in San Francisco. He has won contests at events including Midwest Lindy Fest and the Collegiate Jitterbug Championships. He hopes to get every student excited about making rhythms and sharing ideas during every dance!



Every 3rd Friday of the month is The Breakaway's regular Open Practice session. 

It's FREE for ALL students! 

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