September 25th

featuring live music by

Evelyn and Her Vintage Ties

 at lake merritt dance!


What is an Open House?

An Open House is an opportunity to share what we love most with everybody. We'll be hosting a FREE evening of dancing with the amazing Evelyn and Her Vintage Ties and a FREE taster class. 

Taster Class | 8:30pm - 9pm: Beginner class designed to give you the basic steps so that you can start dancing and having fun on the dance-floor right away. No partner required.

Live Band | 9pm-11:30pm: Live music and social dancing featuring Evelyn and Her Vintage Ties.

Why should I come?

This Open House is a great opportunity to invite family members, friends, co-workers, dates, classmates, friends of friends, and all that jazz. We all know people who are curious about the swing dancing we do every Tuesday. This is an opportunity to introduce our hobby to them in a setting that is important in swing dancing: live band night!

Where is it?

Lake Merritt Dance, also known as The Veterans' Memorial Building, is located near beautiful Lake Merritt in Oakland. The venue has an amazing dance floor and a gorgeous Art Deco ballroom. There is a parking lot and street parking, however we also encourage carpooling when possible since it will be a busy night. Come dance with us!

A free amazing live band night... really?

Yes! It's our way to show our appreciation for all of you. We've been in business for almost 2 1/2 years! We want to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts and we want to share the love for swing dancing. Join the party!


OPEN HOUSE (1).png

New to swing dancing?

Here's what you need to know:

– You don't need a partner
– You can lead or follow, no role assigned according to gender
– Preferably bring non-sticky shoes

– Summer nights are warmer, having a shirt to change might be a good idea.

More questions? Check out our easy-to-navigate FAQ or drop us a line at

Evelyn and Her Vintage Ties



About the band:
Evelyn and Her Vintage Ties is a jazz band based in Silicon Valley, California. The group is primarily influenced by musicians of the 1930’s, including Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Django Reinhardt and Benny Goodman.