"Swing dancing and the Lindy Hop, the original style of Swing, is often referred to as "an outward expression of an inner joy". -Tamara Stevens

How we came to be

We fell in love. Hard. Not only with jazz and swing dancing, but with the community of musicians and dancers.  We all have a passion for this dance that makes us happier,  and connects us with a community that has proven to be more than what we could have ever imagined.

Many of us started over 10 years ago at UC Berkeley, where Lindy on Sproul was born. Every Saturday at noon, students would gather and swing dance for hours. Who could have known that generation after generation the love for swing dance would only grow stronger? For others, it has only been a few years since swing dancing entered their lives. We’re not all from the Bay Area. Some are from Canada, others from Spain, but we all share this one thing in common that a trumpet sound can easily wake our hearts.

Lindy hop has enriched our lives and all of us have resolved to help preserve and strengthen the community that gave us so much. That's why we founded the Breakaway. We want to give back to the swing dance community. We want to share this joyful dance with more people. We want to provide a space for those in the East Bay Area who love this dance as much as we do.

There is something very magical about the swing dance scene and our goal is to help you discover it.

Our core values and mission

The Breakaway is an East Bay swing dance venue devoted to inspiring individuals in the local community to express themselves through dance in an inviting, supportive, and creative atmosphere.

The Savoy Ballroom in Harlem, New York is where the Lindy Hop first started. Its nickname? “The home of happy feet” - and for good reason. “At the Savoy, it didn’t matter what color you were, black, white, green, yellow or whatever. I don’t even remember noticing people’s skin color. The only thing they asked when you walked in was, “Can you dance?” They never looked at your face, only at your feet,” said Frankie Manning, one of the founders of the Lindy Hop.  Deep within, this proved one thing: Swing has a mission of "tolerance, mutual respect [and] even affection" between people.  (Stowe, 245)

The Breakaway team is deeply inspired by this inclusive dancing environment. We believe in equality where men and women can lead or follow. Everyone is welcomed on our dance floor.

What people are saying about us

Curious about what a night at The Breakaway looks like and what others are saying about our dancing venue? Watch this quick 30 second video and jump on the dance floor with us!